Student Hub

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Student Hub

Look, youre here because,you want great grades.
and when I say great, I dont just mean 70% or 80%

I mean the HIGHEST grades in all your classes.

You've been told that some people are just born smart
and that you can't compete with them

The thought of having the top grade in one class seemed impossible,
let alone all your classes

People just never looked at you as the smart one
and would never think that you can be a top student.

But this is going to change today...

Have You Felt This Before?

It is the beginning of the semester. You give it everything.
You watch all these motivational videos
You get the notebooks and pens ready
and you finally say, "This is it. This semester am gonna kill it"

You feel the best you've ever felt. You're full of excitement and ready to attend all the classes.

You attend all your classes

You write beautifully organized notes

You revise everyday

But after your first few exams, you notice some problems…

  • youre studying the whole week, which means no time for going out
  • your marks havent improved that much meaning no one will know about your effort
  • your parents havent seen any difference meaning they will tell u to "go study" (as usual) even though youre studying a lot
    All that hard work and it looks like you never even open a bookAnd to make things worse,
    that one guy who never attends any classes comes and aces all the exam

    You’ve done everything these “learning experts” on YT tell you to do.But nothing seems to work.

    Don’t Worry It Is Not Your Fault!

    What do you think went wrong throughout your journey?what if I tell you that the way you study isnt the right way?all these tips werent the right onesthey were from all the "smart people" not the normal people like youTheir results were not due to their amazing tipsit was because they didnt need them in the first place

    You didnt do anything wrong,
    you were just taught to study in the wrong way

    Don't Worry, I Got You Sorted Out!

    As a biomedical engineering honor student,using studying templates and Notion has helped keep my studying in top form.
    Now it is time to show you...

    "The Student Hub", the template that will help you get the best grades

What's inside:

  • Daily to-do list so that u never miss your studies meaning youll alway be on top of your studies
  • Classes section so that you organize each class alone and it looks clean meaning youll be more motivated to study
  • Notebook section so that you can write your notes quickly meaning youll never not be able to write
    notes because you dont have a pen or a physical notebook
  • Many student resources to help you do your HW quicker which means more time for relaxing
  • Flash cards with spaced repetition so that you can revise chapter and be reminded about it every other day
    which means youll have the subject perfectly memorised


How to get it after purchasing

Just press the duplicate button in the top right corner and it will be copied into your notion workspace

Note: there is no longer a free version for this template

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Student Hub

8 ratings
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